Conical Strainer

conical strainer with all different sizes

Conical strainer is used to keep foreign things out of expensive pumps, valves, metres, and other mechanical equipment. Conical strainer baskets are inserted in metal bodies between flanges and serve as temporary or permanent filtering devices.

Carbon steel and stainless steel Conical Strainers are used commonly with other alloys and they come in a variety of diameters with perforations and mesh.

Specify the ring number and style for a ring type joint. When placing an order, make sure to provide the following details: Pipe size, pressure rating, perforation or mesh size, material, and style are all factors to consider.

Temporary Strainers

Temporary Strainers are known as Conical Strainers, and these Conical Filter Strainers are employed for system filtration. Cone type temporary strainers are available in a wide range of designs. Conical Temporary Strainers are mostly employed by new plants for testing purposes.

How Conical Strainers is used ?

Conical strainers are a low-cost straining option for a variety of applications. The strainer screen is manually cleaned by shutting down the stream and removing the strainer cap when the amount of material to be removed from the flow is very small, resulting in extended intervals between screen cleanings.

What is the function of strainer ?

Strainers are devices that use a perforated or wire mesh straining element to mechanically remove undesirable materials from liquid, gas, or steam lines. Pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, regulators, and other process equipment are all protected by them in pipes.

Types :

Cone type Conical Strainer

Basket type Conical Strainer

basket type conical strainer

Features :

150, 300, and 600 ANSI Classes

Perforations ranging in size from 1/32′ to 1/2′

20 mesh liners, 40 mesh liners, 60 mesh liners  and 100 mesh liners

(It’s better if you use a basket strainer.)

Applications :

In numerous industries, such as chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and maritime, conical strainers are employed in a range of liquid straining applications to safeguard downstream process system components. Conical Strainers are commonly used in water handling applications to protect equipment from being damaged or blocked by undesirable sand, gravel, or other debris.

Conical strainers are commonly utilized in air and natural gas applications, in addition to steam. High pressures are not uncommon here, either. Unlike steam, however, high air pressure does not always imply high temperature, therefore conventional carbon steel bodies with enough wall thickness will usually suffice.

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