Duplex Basket Strainer

duplex basket strainer of 3 " x  6 " made of M.S material with 3 way ball valve
duplex basket strainer

The line of double basket strainers includes a Duplex Basket Strainer with three way ball valves. This strainer, like all two basket strainers, switches baskets when one becomes too heavy with debris or dirt. Because of the existence of three-way ball valves, it is sometimes referred to as the advanced type of double basket strainers. The valves control the flow of fluids so that pressure is maintained and solid particles combined with the fluid are collected in the desired basket.

Our three-way ball valves can be controlled manually or electronically, depending on our clients’ needs and preferences. 

To fit our customers’ “blueprint,” we provide a variety of double basket strainer adjustments. The three-way ball valves are essential for connecting ports; nevertheless, it is impossible to connect all ports at the same time.

 Duplex Filter Principle of Operation

Duplex oil filters enable for continuous functioning even while the element is being replaced because it has become blocked with impurities.

The other filter begins to work once you open the balancing valve and then turn the directional valve; the clogged element should be replaced as soon as possible.

Duplex filters are suited for applications that require a constant flow with no interruptions for strainer basket cleaning.

Duplex Straining Element

The duplex strainer relies heavily on this component.

The standard screens are used to filter water, oil, gas (abbreviated WOG), and other liquids.

Other liquid filter media can be tailored or priced competitively.

Straight or staggered perforated plate forms the basket straining element.

Mesh widths and wire-cloth material are sometimes used to cover it.

The device catches all solid impurities as the fluid travels through the basket.

Fluid moves from inside to outside thanks to its design.

You can utilize a different straining element depending on the needs of your application.

The twin strainers are typically made of one of the following materials:

  • Bronze
  • Carbon steel
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel 
duplex fabricated strainer of SS
ss fabricated strainer

I’d like you to take note of the following:

i. Iron is widely used since it is less expensive than other materials. It’s also corrosion-resistant.

ii. Carbon steel is appropriate for high-temperature, mechanical, or thermal-shock applications. It is ideal for the petrochemical and oil sectors.

iii. Bronze is more corrosion resistant than steel. In addition, it can tolerate mechanical and thermal shock better than iron. It, on the other hand, has a narrow temperature range.

iv. Stainless steel is the best housing material for duplex strainers because it resists corrosion the best. As a result, stainless steel strainers are widely used in the chemical, beverage and food, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Flow indefinitely – There’s no need to shut down systems to clean them.
  • Loss of Low Pressure.
  • Filter element that can be removed.
  • Screen removal from the top.
  • Mesh made of wire.
  • Changes to the Duplex Basket Strainer.


  • For easier maintenance, use a hinged lid or a davit assembly.
  • Valves for Drain/Vent P Gauge/tapings.
  • Manual back-flushing system.
  • For highly viscous fluids, a steam jacket is used.
  • Nozzle positioning that is rotated or offset.
  • Capabilities under high pressure.
  • Upon request, coatings and linings are available.

Role of Bypass Valve

  • The bypass valve’s role – the pressure differential increases to the intended limit over a period of time employing the filter elements. When the pressure disparity is detected, the bypass valve, which is located in the oil inlet direction, automatically opens.
  • The goal is to keep the filter pressure differential from rising further, deforming the filter element and preventing the system from receiving oil.

For great corrosion resistance, our Duplex Filters use phosphating as a surface treatment and a polyurethane finish.

Our duplex filters, in comparison to other duplex filter manufacturers, use high-quality hydraulic fittings and filtration material, allowing for speedy setup and minimising oil spillage.


Custom Modifications Available for a Variety of Connection Variants

DN 15 to DN 500 nominal size

3–500 m in fineness (other on request)

Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Filter Elements Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes Optional materials

4 things to know before buying Duplex Strainer

Material for duplex filters. Carbon or stainless steel 304,316,316L…?

Flow rate and filtration precision

Filter (simplex or duplex)

Quantity of duplex filters required


  • Heavy-duty mining
  • Metallurgical machines
  • Electricity
  • Chemical&petrochemical
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Paper&pulp
  • Sea water filtration

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