Electric Actuator ball valve

electric actuator  brass ball valve

Electric Actuator Ball Valves Information

First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight. The ball valve is not powered by electricity. A conventional ball valve with an electric actuator is referred to as a “electric ball valve.”Electric Actuator Ball Valve can be of two different types.

Types of Ball Valves

  • 2 way
  • 3 way

For many basic on/off applications, electrically actuated 2-way ball valves provide a straightforward option. From fully open to fully closed, they rotate 90 degrees (quarter-turn). While they function more slowly than valves with an air-operated pneumatic actuator, they are frequently used when compressed air is not available.

We also carry 3-way electric ball valves which offer a simple solution for diverting applications like a bypass line or input or output line selectors. These also come in a variety of materials and with various actuator types.

Features and Advantages

Electrically operated.
For unrestricted flow, use the full port.
Two-piece body.
Assembly is simple and quick.

Specifications / Materials

Brass with a nickel plating

PTFE seals and seats

Brass ball and stem

End-to-end connections

Threaded NPT (1/2″ to 2″)

Range of temperatures:

Temperatures range from -4 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Typical Applications

Air Drying Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment
Process Control Applications
Laundry Equipment
Textile Dyeing & Drying
Bottling & Dispensing Equipment
Custom Ball Valve Assemblies


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