Electron pneumatic positioner- linear and rotary type
Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Electro pneumatic positioner is a precision device that accurately controls movement of final control element corresponding to set point with the help of auxiliary high pressure supply. It is used for controlling movement of final control element such as Linear Cylinder, Diaphragm Control valve, or Rotary actuator device that accepts directly variable electronic signal.

These positioners are useful for adjusting the valve’s set point to the required value.

The electro pneumatic positioner YT-1000L and YT-1000R requires a 4-20mA DC Input Signal and a maximum supply air pressure of 20-100 psi. It has a standard stroke of 10-80mm and a 1/4” NPT air piping connection . For linear or rotary motion, the pneumatic positioner’s ambient temperature ranges from -20°C to 70°C.

How does Electro Pneumatic Positioner Work ?

The electro-pneumatic control valve positioner works in a similar way to the pneumatic control valve positioner. Instead of a pneumatic signal, you’ll get an analogue signal, usually between 4 and 20 milliamps.

Based on the electrical signal delivered to a coil, the signal generates an electromotive force (EMF). The flapper is moved by this force, which increases or decreases the flow of air to the valve actuator. The valve stem and positioner also provide feedback, allowing you to adjust the output to the valve actuator if necessary.

What Is a Pneumatic Positioner and How Do I Use It?

On the working line, the valve positioner is installed close to the valve. When the valve needs to be opened for a specific quantity or angle, the operator transmits signals to the valve positioner, which then converts the signal into the appropriate valve position and allows the pneumatic air of the valve actuator to move the valve to its specified position.

What is the Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner used for?

The valve action is determined by the valve positioner. When the positioner receives electronic signals to fully or partially open or close the valve, the positioner uses pneumatic air to carry out the function. Depending on the situation, these electronic signals may change as per the situation.

Model-YT-1000-L / YT-1000-R

Input Signal- 4~20 mA DC

Supply Air Pressure – 20~100 psi Max. (7.0 kgf/cm²)

Standard Stroke- 10~80mm

Air Piping Connection-1/4” NPT

Ambient Temperature-20° to 70° C

OutPut Characteristics-Linear / Rotary

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