Our Plastic Flexible Coolant pipe & tubes are rigid in nature but most convenient and flexible to work with. These flexible machine coolant pipe / flexible coolant tubes have high impact strength and are adjustable coolant hose. Our flexible cooling pipe are availble in different sizes – diameter and length.

 Flexible Coolant Pipe : Features

 Plastic flexible cooling pipe-Resistant to abrasion and vibration

 Flexible coolant hose-Pressure losses are low because of smooth internal surface.

 Adjustable plastic coolant tube-Low weight as compared to metal hoses.

 Plastic Flexible  Coolant Tubes Plastic Flexible Cooling Pipe Plastic flexible Coolant line Plastic Flexible Coolant Hose
1/4″BSP x 6″L3/8″BSP x 6″L1/2″BSP x 6″L3/4″BSP x 6″L
1/4″BSP x 9″L3/8″BSP x 9″L1/2″BSP x 9″L3/4″BSP x 9″L
1/4″BSP x 12″L3/8″BSP x 12″L1/2″BSP x 12″L3/4″BSP x 12″L
1/4″BSP x 15″L3/8″BSP x 15″L1/2″BSP x15″L3/4″BSP x 15″L
1/4″BSP x 18″L3/8″BSP x 18″L1/2″BSP x18″L3/4″BSP x18″L
1/4″BSP x 24″L3/8″BSP x 24″L1/2″BSP x24″L3/4″BSP x 24″L
1/4″BSP x 30″L3/8″BSP x 30″L1/2″BSP x30″L3/4″BSP x30″L
1/4″BSP x 36″L3/8″BSP x 36″L1/2″BSP x36″L3/4″BSP x 36″L
coolant pipe sizes

  Aadjustable coolant hose with Y-connection, round & flat nozzles are available.

Application :

Flexible Coolant pipes and coolant hose assemblies are designed for low-pressure oil, emulsion, air, and water supply and spraying. They’re used to apply coolants to CNC machines’ metalworking tools. The hoses are constructed out of oil and chemically resistant plastic pieces that may be simply mounted and molded. Valves, nozzles, and a magnetic base can all be added to coolant hose assemblies. They may be easily adjusted to fit into the limited area within the CNC machine.

Metal hose assemblies that can be adjusted can be utilized for the same reason. They’re available as entire hose assemblies with fittings, a plastic inner hose, and a metal outer jacket – once positioned, they’ll stay put.


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flexible coolant pipe with different sizes
flexible coolant pipe


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