Pressure Gauge

pressure gauge of different sizes and materials
pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge is a device designed for measuring the pressure of a liquid or any other gas. It is mainly used because it promotes safety on industrial operations. Important in determining the proper pressure of substance to ensure the quality of a product.

We sell all the types of Industrial Gauges,The few types of pressure gauge are described below:

  • Air Pressure gauge
  • bourdon tube pressure gauge
  • Oil pressure Gauge
  • Differential pressure Gauge
  • Digital pressure Gauge
  • Diaphragm pressure Gauge
  • Feet / Meter of Water  Pressure Gauge Available  for measuring capacity of Submersible Pump

Range   : 100  –  1000  Feet

Without pressure Gauge, fluid power system would be unpredictable and unreliable both. It also helps to ensure there are no leaks or pressure charges that could affect the operating condition.

The Gauge can withstand different pressure ranges which are based on the types of gauge style and the material from it is made from

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pressure gauge