silicone rubber tube
silicone rubber hose

We provide a large selection of high-quality Silicone Rubber Tube that are non-toxic, non-leaking, and pyrogen-free. It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Our silicon rubber tubing comes in precise dimensions, a high-quality finish, and constant physical qualities.

Silicone provides solutions for the food and beverage manufacturing business.

Silicone rubber has a wide range of qualities that make it ideal for use in the food and beverage industries.

Sizes – Outer Diameter x Inner Diameter

3 X 1
3 X 2
4 x 2
5 X 2
6 X 3
6 X 4
7 X 4
8 X 4
8 X 5
8 X 6
10 X 5
10 X 6
10 X 7
12 X 8
12 X 9
12 X 10
14 X 10
14 X 8
16 X 12
16 X 10
18 X 12
silicone tube sizes

Maniar Enterprise  offers custom-made food grade silicone for the food and medical industries.

Silicone rubber is a high-performing solution for food and beverage production because to its excellent temperature resilience, durable nature, and non-stick qualities.

Types of Silicone tube :

Platinum cured silicone tube

platinum cured silicone tubing
platinum cured silicone tube

Silicone Braided Tube

silicone braided tube
silicone braided tube


  • Suitable for use with peristaltic pumps
  • Body tissue and fluid are unaffected.
  • Most water soluble compounds have little effect on non-adherence to tissue.
  • Steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide, and gamma radiation can all be used to sterilise.
  • Oxidation, ozone, and radiation resistance
  • Indefinite self-existence
  • Doesn’t allow bacteria to grow.

The Material ‘s Characteristics

Silicone elastomers are available in a wide range of durometers and offer excellent heat and chemical resistance. Silicone elastomer tubing is resistant to a wide range of external conditions, including temperature, chemicals, UV radiation, and x-rays. They are used in medical applications because they are resistant to attaching to biological tissue and do not induce microbial growth.

Silicone elastomer tubing can be sterilised in a variety of ways without sacrificing performance or mechanical properties. This is due to the molecular stability of silicone. After being made into a composite, silicone rubber is routinely sanitised using steam.


Maniar Enterprise takes pleasure in delivering silicone rubber solutions for a variety of food and beverage applications and sectors as an experienced silicone tube supplier.

  • Gaskets for food processing machinery
  • Food transfer tubing
  • Dairy tubing
  • Vending tubing
  • Breweries
  • Antimicrobial belting
  • Industrial oven seals


Temperature resistance ranges from -80 to +250 degrees Celsius.


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