pneumatic cylinder- single acting and double acting

Pneumatic Cylinder

We, at Maniar Enterprise, are a supplier of pneumatic cylinder that are manufactured to the client’s specifications and drawings. Pneumatic Cylinders are available in diameters ranging from 12 mm to 500 mm bore and 10 mm to 2000 mm stroke, and we have been in the pneumatic field for over 15 years.

We offer high-quality Aluminium Barrel, Stainless Steel Barrel, and M.S. Honed & Hard Chrome Plated Barrel Pneumatic Cylinders.

We provide a large selection of pneumatic air cylinders that operate on two separate principles: single-acting and double-acting. We also offer a variety of styles and designs for a variety of applications. There is a tiny design for limited area, as well as air cylinders for heavy-duty applications.

Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder

A fixed spring is fitted in a single port barrel opposite the moving piston in a Single Acting Air Cylinder. When compressed aircomes through the port in the barrel to operate the cylinder, the air pushes the piston towards the spring, and when the air pressure stops,the spring pushes the piston back to its original position.

Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder

The Double Acting Air Cylinder, on the other hand, has two port barrels that are not spring-loaded. When the Double Acting Cylinder needs to be operated, compressed air enters the barrel through the first port and pushes the piston forward; when the piston needs to be returned, the airflow from the first port is stopped and compressed air from the second port is passed; the compressed air from the second port returns the piston to its original position.

We have Heavy Duty Air Cylinders with a pressure capacity of 12kg/cm2 and a temperature range of 180°C. With a stroke of 2500 mm and a wide range of bore sizes, this heavy duty cylinder can meet any need.

Compact air cylinders are also available to meet low-space concerns while providing great performance and cost saving choices.

Capacity for Customization possibilities are available in a variety of parts. We have a wide choice of bore sizes, strokes,rods, and pressures. We can customize the air cylinder as per your requirement.

Application of Pneumatic Cylinder in Industries

Production and Quality Control

We have complete in-house production, a fantastic staff of highly skilled engineers, and a separate quality department to ensure that the goods work as expected. Before being delivered, each cylinder must pass our quality inspection. These cylinders offer a clean working environment as well as quick action and minimum maintenance.

Pneumatic cylinder has a variety of specifications such as :

Customer satisfaction is our motto. We have a high reputation of providing high quality pneumatic air Cylinders. We resolve Client query and provide technical details to enhance and satisfy the customer.

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