Pneumatic Actuator

pneumatic actuator with name of supplier
Pneumatic Actuator

In India, Maniar Enterprise is a leading supplier and of pneumatic actuators. We sell our pneumatic actuators in india and abroad. For Pneumatic Rotary Actuator, we have set a quality standard. cost-effective rotary actuators are available with us. we have a highly experienced and certified team of engineers. We’ve been in business since 2001 and have a long record of happy clients.

Mechanism of a Pneumatic Actuator

There are numerous different types of pneumatic actuators, but two of the most popular are the functionality actuators.

Single Acting
Double Acting

The single acting actuator is also known as the spring return actuator since it includes a spring and only requires one sided pressurized air supply. Compressed air pushes the actuator open or closed. When the air supply is turned off, the spring forces the actuator back to its original position.

The double acting actuator requires two sides of air supply to open and close. The pneumatic air system is more cost-effective, spark-free, and long-lasting than traditional energy in dangerous and combustible settings.

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