Pneumatic pipe includes polyurethane tube , polyamide tube ,silicone tube etc. The most common pneumatic pipe used is polyurethane tube also known as Pu tube.

Polyurethane pipe comes in different sizes and colours.

pneumatic pipe with different sizes and colours
pu pipe

Polyurethane tube is most suitable with Push-On Fittings also known as Instant Tube Fittings or Push-in-Type Fittings. It is equally competable with brass or aluminium type fittings. PU tubes can be fitted well with quick release couplings – QRC.

Polyurethane Tube – SizesWkg. Pressure
 4 mm x 2.5 mm175  psi
 6 mm x 4 mm175  psi
 8 mm x 6 mm150  psi
 10 mm x 8 mm150  psi
 12 mm x 9 mm100  psi
 12 mm x 8 mm150  psi
 16 mm x 12 mm150  psi

Other polyurethane tubes sizes are also available.

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