Translucent Platinum Cured Silicone Tube

platinum silicone tube at best price

Our extensive range of stock sizes makes it simple to make the best choice for your silicone tubing needs.This translucent platinum cured silicone tube is used in various medical and industrial applications.

Being manufactured in Platinum cured silicone gives you a number of advantages over conventional Peroxide cured silicones.

translucent platinum cured silicone tube
platinum cured silicone tube

Maniar Enterprise Silicone tubing in platinum cured translucent is ideal for pump and transfer applications in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, bioprocess manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. The tubes can resist temperatures up to 200°C (intermittently) and come in a variety of internal diameters and wall thicknesses.


Silicone elastomers are available in a wide range of durometers and offer excellent heat and chemical resistance. Silicone elastomer tubing is resistant to a wide range of external conditions, including temperature, chemicals, UV radiation, and x-rays. They are used in medical applications because they are resistant to attaching to biological tissue and do not induce microbial growth.

Silicone elastomer tubing can be sterilised in a variety of ways without sacrificing performance or mechanical properties. This is due to the molecular stability of silicone. After being moulded into a finished item, silicone rubber is routinely sanitised with steam.

One of the distinguishing features of silicone elastomers is the silicone-oxygen (Si-O) bond. Biodurability, or the ability to have skin contact while resisting biological fluids, is determined by the energy and molecular stability of silicone. Silicone’s numerous hardness options remain flexible without additives, which is important for biocompatibility.

Silicone has a large amount of translucency by nature, and it has distinct colorability, thanks to the appropriate refractive indices of the filler and polymer used. Although silicone elastomers come in a variety of colours, they can also be relatively transparent for fluid and flow monitoring.

Types of Silicone Tubing

  • General Purpose Silicone Tube
  • Medical / Food grade Tubes
  • Silicone Braided Hose

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