Air Pressure Regulator Dealers in Ahmedabad

Air pressure regulator dealers in Ahmedabad
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We at Maniar Enterprise are wholesalers / Dealers of Air Pressure Regulator of brands such as Janatics | Techno | Spac | Airmax etc.

Precision regulators are distinguished from general-purpose regulators by their accuracy and sensitivity. The ability of a regulator to react to variations in air pressure relative to the unit’s set point is referred to as sensitivity.

The unit’s diaphragm is kept in a reactive condition, allowing us to attain this high level of sensitivity. This is accomplished by continuously bleeding a little amount of air, which prevents the diaphragm from settling. 

When it comes to preserving your delicate downstream equipment, Air filter regulators are essential air preparation devices. A filter regulator’s job is to remove moisture and particles from the air line while lowering air pressure to a preset level.

When it comes to protecting expensive lab equipment, valve positioners, or I/P transducers, this is critical.


Filtering pressurised compressed air for pneumatic equipment is done by FRL units. This unit has three primary components: a filter for cleaning compressed air, a regulator for controlling air pressure, and a lubricator for misting oil into compressed air. This device is sometimes employed in a split as the only filter or only regulator, depending on the requirements.

Here, as with other Air pressure regulators, the controlling principles are the same. However, the supply air is sent through a sintered polyethene filter, either 40 or 5 microns in size, to filter out moisture and very minute particulates.

Everything filtered out of the air is collected in a drip well, which can be drained manually or automatically when the fluid reaches a specified level. The sensitivity of precision air pressure regulators is less than 1″ water column, or around 0.036 PSI. 

When economy is more important than precision, General purpose regulators are a better choice. Our general-purpose regulators are frequently found in OEM applications. The  precision regulators are sensitive to 1/8″ water column, but the general purpose regulators  are sensitive to 1″ water column or 0.036 PSI.

However, because these machines are not designed to bleed a small amount of air, utilizing a general purpose regulator will result in less air consumption. The fluid power industry, as well as process control instrumentation and panels, make extensive use of these sorts of air pressure regulators.

Because they are more cost-effective, they are better suited to regulating individual service lines than the main shop airline, which would necessitate a unit with a higher flow capacity.


Medical OEMs, web tensioning, ventilators, calibration standards, and microfluidics are just a few of the more prevalent uses for these units.