solenoid valve dealers

We are a well-known dealers of a variety of solenoid valves. These solenoid valves are utilised in a variety of industries and are noted for their fast and safe switching, high dependability, long service life, good medium compatibility, low control power, and compact design. We have a strong reputation as Solenoid Valve Dealers.

These are made using the best metal alloys available, which are sourced from reputable vendors in the market. While manufacturing these valves with faultless finishes and 0% leakage, we adhere to strict quality standards that are in line with industry standards.

These have a high flow capacity and are simple to set up.

These are resistant to high pressures and temperatures.

Different types of Solenoid Valve are as follows :

We offer a variety of solenoid valves for a variety of applications and media, including the Pilot operated, Semi lift diaphragm, Piston operated, Union type, and more.

A usually open solenoid valve and a normally closed solenoid valve are the two types of solenoid valves that are most beneficial because of their power-saving function.

The normally open valve is electrified to shut off the flow, while the normally closed valve is energized to let the flow through. We provide our customers with a variety of customization options based on their needs and requests.

Solenoid valves from our series

We have a large collection  of solenoid valves of different brands like

Valve sizes range from 12″ to 6″ inches, with a working temperature range of -5°C to 180°C and a pressure sustaining range of 0.5 BAR to 110 BAR. We have flameproof coils in all voltages from 12V to 230V AC and DC. Screwed, Flanged, and Tri-Clover End Connections are available on these solenoid valves.



To handle high-temperature media, we provide solenoid valves with a variety of body materials. Air, Water, Gas, Light Oil, Light Chemical, Vacuum, Corrosive Fluids, Autoclaves, Gas Burning Equipements, Pump Seal Water Application, High Volume and Low Pressure Application, Hot water, Steam, Dust collector Application, Low Pressure Water Circulation System, Solar Heating System, Gas Generator, High Temperature Fluids, LD Oil, Chemical, Ceramic Filters, Drain and Dispensing, Oil Centrifuge Plants, Low Pressure Water Circulation System, Gas Generator, High Temperature.