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temporary strainer

Temporary Strainer | Conical Strainers

Temporary strainer come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as distinct names. Conical strainers, cone strainers, witches hat strainers, plate type strainers, and temporary basket strainers are some examples.

Conical strainers have a cone form to them. As a result, they’re also known as cone strainers. A temporary conical strainer is a woven mesh device with perforations that is used to capture particles in a pipeline.

Furthermore, a conical strainer can trap particles as small as.001 inches or 25 microns in diameter. Cone strainers also have a little pressure decrease and can be removed.

The screen cone can also be soldered around the flange ring’s whole circumference. As a result, strength is provided while undesirable bypass is avoided.

Finally, all new plumbing systems should include temporary strainers. At the start of a new pipeline, these are removable strainers with a large screen.

As a standard, diameters range from 1/4” to 50” nominal pipe size.

Open Area: The ratio of the strainer’s open area to the pipe’s cross-section area is usually between 100 and 300 percent.

Material Thickness: Strainer material thickness varies from 22 to 11 gauge based on hole size.

Temporary Basket Strainers – 

Perforated plate is the most commonly used media for basket strainers.

Cone Type Strainer

The strainer in the shape of a cone eliminates visible things from the line. Small liquid waste can flow through as a result. A filter can be used when the amount of material eliminated from the stream is relatively little.

By turning off the drain and removing the filter cap, the filter can be cleaned manually.

Plate Type Strainer

Plate-type strainers involve a flat plane of mesh that stretches perpendicular to the system’s flow.

Fabricated Temporary Strainers

We offer  temporary pipeline strainers in the shape of a cone , basket or a plate strainer. Fabricated temporary strainers aid in the start-up process. However, cone strainers should not be used as a permanent straining solution. Instead, y-strainers, basket strainers, tee strainers, or duplex basket strainers are recommended.

Plate-type strainers and temporary basket strainers can all be truncated. Temporary cone or temporary basket strainers are available in a variety of metals and can be made to any length. Standard lengths, on the other hand, are 100 percent or 150 percent. The open area of the cone or basket is measured in lengths.


1″ (25mm) up to 24″ (600mm) as standard
Larger sizes available upon request


Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel


Process Industry
Water and Wastewater
Power Industry
Pulp and Paper
Chemical Industry
Oil and Gas
Steel Mills
Metals and Mining

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